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Register a company in Slovenia - the main 4 steps
Citizens of any country can set up their own company in Slovenia.
The process for foreigners and Slovenians to register businesses is the same. In most cases, individuals are self-employed entrepreneurs. Corporate entities can create various forms of business, the most common of which are limited liability companies (LLC or DOO) and corporations (PLC or DD).
With the help of Red Passport's professional lawyers, the organization in Slovenia will be fairly simple. Through us, you will be able to register slovenian companies successfully and quickly. New opportunities for your formal business development in Europe.
Slovenian business registration procedures
Prepare basic documents
Choose your business direction based on your preferences. Meeting the regulatory requirements of Slovenia during registration will help you successfully establish a business in Slovenia. A set of Slovenian documents must be prepared for submission to the single window service area. Our company's consulting lawyer will help you with the necessary Slovenian criminal record documents and tax number.
To register a company in Slovenia, an individual must prepare a unique name for the future business and provide personal information about the foreign founder or a copy of his passport (including all used pages). The presence of a legal entity in Slovenia means the establishment of an office for a new Slovenian enterprise or a registered foreign company. A Slovenian taxpayer identification number (TIN) must be registered for the company founder. If the following documents are ready, they can be registered at the Slovenia office:
A copy of the passport and particulars of the owner of the parent company and an excerpt from a court or other official registration of the parent company as well as an official slovenian translation of the sole name of the company the legal address of the company and a notarized permit from the owner of the company
Select and retain a unique company name
To approve an application for the registration of a company in the Slovenia Registry without a similar or existing name. To name a business with a non-unique name, remove the business from the registry and enter the administrative process. Once confirmed, the retention period is 1 year.
To successfully register a company, an initial check of the selected name in the business registration is required. In choosing a company name, you must satisfy the following conditions:
If use the word "Slovenia", the state properties (badges, flags, abbreviation), and other countries, need to obtain written permission without any government if the name of the country or international organization and symbols used in the history of the name of the famous national important people, must obtain written permission from relatives or Slovenia ministers do not have any conflict with the legal and moral characters and symbols, with known trademark or already used
Register the company in a single window service area in Slovenia
All founders and directors must register in person at a single window service in Slovenia. Our consulting attorney will assist you in completing and signing all necessary documents. The registration time of the whole company shall not exceed one hour. A decision on whether to eventually set up a Slovenian business will be made within a week.
In the meantime, our consulting counsel will complete and provide the necessary documents to the Tax Office, the Business Registry and the Slovenian Health Insurance Association. After your data is displayed in the court registry and your registration is entered into the Slovenian National institution, you will be able to conduct business and conduct business.
Deposit the registered capital in a bank account
One requirement of Slovenia's entrepreneurship code is a 7,500 euro investment in the company's development. A temporary account must be opened with a Slovenian bank to deposit the registered funds. Our company's lawyer will choose a bank and assist you in opening a long-term account to obtain a certificate of deposit.
Upon successful registration of a Slovenian company, you will receive a slovenian residence and work permit.
Frequently asked Questions
How soon can I register a company in Slovenia?
The fastest time to register a Slovenian company is 1 week.
What are the steps to register a company in Slovenia?
It is the easiest country in Europe to register a company in Slovenia, because Slovenia USES an independent centre to register all the necessary documents and files them in all official departments (including the Business Registry, the tax authority, the Health Association and the Slovenian Statistical Office). Before registering a company, a legal entity must open a bank account and deposit the required capital stock.
What is the minimum registered capital for Slovinyar and DD?
At the time of registration, a limited liability company (DOO) must have a registered capital of at least 7,500 euros, and a joint stock company (DD) must have a registered capital of at least 25,000 euros.
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