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Slovenian Residence Permit
You will need to obtain a temporary residence permit during your stay in Slovenia. A residence permit permits an alien to remain legally in the country for a long period of time. An application for a temporary residence permit must be submitted to the Slovenian diplomatic or consular mission of the permanent resident country. The competent administrative unit of the Republic of Slovenia shall decide whether to issue residence permits to foreigners.
Through Red Passport, you can easily and quickly obtain a residence permit in Slovenia. We are committed to providing you and your family with quality and efficient Slovenian immigration services.
The advantages of having a Slovenian residence permit
Legal residence in Slovenia
Full social Security benefits - privileges, retirement benefits, unemployment benefits and maternity benefits
Enterprises can be registered in stable economic regions
Visa-free travel throughout Europe
Unlimited access to the European market
Private property protection
Quality free medical and health care is available
Free kindergartens and schools are provided for children
Banking is guaranteed
The possibility of obtaining an EU passport
A prerequisite for obtaining a Residence permit in Slovenia
Business registration and employment can sustain business activities in economically developed countries
Work on an employment contract
Receive education in public or private educational institutions
Carry out research activities under agreements with foreign organizations
Family reunions are available - children, parents, spouses
Official marriage to a Slovenian citizen
Diplomats, representatives of cultural, educational or scientific organizations, and delegation members carry out official activities
It has made special contributions to national development
Long-term medical care in Slovenia is required
The process of obtaining a Slovenian residence permit
(Business immigration)
The company registered
Business organizations in Slovenia should begin with the definition of the legal form of the company. Foreigners may open limited liability companies, subsidiaries and branches (offices). Slovenia is allowed to register a private enterprise if it has resided legally in Slovenia for more than one year. Starting a business in Slovenia requires a statutory capital contribution of at least €7,500.
Application for Residence Permit
To provide residence and work permits for foreigners who are self-employed or employed in Slovenia. An entrepreneur who employs a European employee for six months has the right to apply for a residence permit as long as he proves that the company's monthly income exceeds 10,000 euros or has invested at least 50,000 euros in company activities, such as investment in equipment, cars, real estate, office facilities, etc.
Obtain residence Permit
Upon successful submission of the complete set of documents required for a residence permit, you will be issued with a residence and work permit. The initial validity period of a residence card is 1 year, which can be extended. Upon receipt of a residence permit, the entrepreneur is required to register a temporary residence address in Slovenia and purchase health insurance.
Documents required to obtain a residence and work permit in Slovenia
• Valid passport
• Application in Slovenian
• Commercial health insurance
• Proof of criminal record
• Tax identification number
• Confirmation of funds available
• Corporate legal documents
• Payment of administrative charges
Time required to obtain a Slovenian residence permit
The time required to obtain a residence and work permit in Slovenia depends on meeting the requirements for active implementation of company activities. The average length of the process is three months, and a residence card is issued two weeks after the result.
Extension of Residence Permit
The extension application and related documents shall be submitted one month before the license expires. The key condition for a foreign entrepreneur to extend his/her residence permit is to pay all taxes on a regular basis and submit tax reports to the tax authorities in a timely manner. A residence permit for a period of two years is issued after one year of residence in Slovenia. A legal stay of five years in Slovenia gives one up to ten years of permanent residency - Slovenian nationality.
For every successful entrepreneur and would-be European, a slovenian residence permit is the most convenient option for business migrants. To support foreign businessmen, the slovenian government has simplified the registration process for companies and offered them a range of tax incentives to do business.
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