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Business emigrated to Slovenia
In modern times, migration to eu countries by starting a new business is very common. Entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities to grow their businesses often start in Slovenia. Foreigners can register new companies in Slovenia, open offices of existing companies and acquire them.
Business migration to Slovenia is the basis for obtaining a residence permit. Obtaining a Slovenian residence permit can significantly enhance your personal and business opportunities. As a Resident of Slovenia, you have free access within the Schengen area.
The advantages of business migration to Slovenia
Common European Market
Slovenia is a member of the Schengen area of the European Economic and Monetary Union, which has introduced unique business rules, such as labelling products and exemptions from tariffs on goods moving within the EU. The common currency facilitated commerce of all kinds and the common European market provided a steady flow of money.
Exemption of real estate tax
Property taxes in Slovenia refer to property taxes. It extends to taxpayer-owned facilities and buildings. In Slovenia, individuals and companies are exempt from property tax. The tax rate, depending on the type of property, is determined by the municipality in each region and ranges on average from 0.1 percent to 1 percent.
Different VAT rates
In Slovenia, there are two different VAT rates. The top rate of VAT is 22% for popular products, while the rate for services, restaurants and real estate is reduced to 9.5%.
Free compulsory education
Primary and secondary education is free for all children in Slovenia. Municipalities directly under the Central Government provide adequate public kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and colleges and universities for children.
Complete infrastructure
The whole of Slovenia has access to the Internet and mobile communications. In big cities, free Wi-Fi is also available.
Good public health systems
All workers in Slovenia pay for health insurance so that they and their families can use public health services at no extra cost. These include general practitioner services, specialist and emergency care, as well as surgical, dental, paediatric, gynaecological and cancer treatment services.
Pleasant living environment
Slovenia is one of the safest and most ecologically sound countries in the world, and its crime rate is extremely low. The country's strategic location facilitates economic links with other European countries. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, was declared the "Green Capital of Europe" in 2016. People can easily adapt to life in Slovenia. Most of the locals speak several languages -- English, Italian, German, Russian, Slovak and Slovenian. Rest assured that your career migration to Slovenia, professional help you solve the application process! We will provide you with support and assistance throughout the registration of the Slovenian residence permit. Through us, you will be able to successfully register your business in Slovenia and obtain a residence and work permit.
Make your business immigration to Slovenia comfortable - entrust the process to professionals!
We will organize full support and assistance during the whole process of registration of Slovenian residence permit for you. With us, you will successfully register your business and get a single residence and work permit.
Step 2 Business migration to Slovenia
Step 1: Register the company
Any natural or legal person may become the founder of a Slovenian company. Organizations need to provide proof of criminal record, tax number, and legal address registration permit. Our Slovenian lawyer will assist you to receive the required documents and successfully register your company in Slovenia.
If a legal entity opens a branch, it must provide the articles of association, a balance sheet, an excerpt from the registration of the parent company, and a consent from the directors for the establishment of the branch. Our consulting lawyer will be responsible for the translation and notarization of documents.
All founders and future directors of the company must be personally registered in a single window service area in Slovenia.
Step 2: Obtain a single residence and work permit
To obtain a slovenian residence permit through company registration, an entrepreneur must meet one of the following requirements:
Fixed asset investment in excess of 50,000 euros provides European employees with six months of full-time employment earning up to 10,000 euros per month
A confirmation of active business activity in Slovenia, submitted with the application, will be granted a Slovenian residence and work permit without Labour market regulation.
Who can immigrate to Slovenia
Anyone wishing to stay in Slovenia for a long time will do. In addition to setting up a company in Slovenia, there is the option of emigrating to the EU on the grounds of family reunification.
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