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Residence and work permits for company directors
The 2015 Republic of Slovenia regulation consolidates the process for foreigners to obtain work and residence permits, significantly simplifying the immigration process. The new law on non-resident work and employment in Slovenia allows foreigners to obtain residence and work permits before entering Slovenia.
Permission from the Employment Service is required to obtain a residence and work permit. In order to achieve favorable results, entrepreneurs need to meet one of the requirements of immigration law to demonstrate the importance of their company's activities. An application can only be approved if there are no overdue tax liabilities.
To get a residency permit without labour-market regulation, a business must be registered in Slovenia, where the founder can then sit on the company's board.
Method of proof of the importance of slovenian corporate activities
Full-time European employees with compulsory social insurance have been hired in the past six months
In the 6 months prior to the application, a profit of more than 10,000 euros per month was made in any slovenian bank account
Financing the company's fixed assets in excess of 50,000 Euros prior to the application for a residence permit
Residence and work permit - no labor market regulation!
Each company has only one board member and can obtain a residence and work permit in Slovenia without Labour market regulation. Other foreigners need to obtain confirmation from the Ministry of Labour Exchange that there are no other suitable Candidates of Slovenian nationality available for employment in slovenian companies.
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