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Business migration - not only the easiest way to migrate to Slovenia, it is also the best way to get a work permit and start a career in the EU. Foreign entrepreneurs set up a company in Slovenia that allows them and their families to obtain long-term residence permits.
Suppose the company is registered in Slovenia and the investment amount is 7,500 euros. Under the current plan, a temporary residence is acceptable. The government encourages job creation, but not as a prerequisite. The extension of residence permits and the requirement to obtain Slovenian citizenship are the main funds of investment holding companies and confirm the steady profitability of their operations.
Requirements for investors
Economic independence
No criminal record
Come of age
The fixed assets of the company
Tangible assets
The real estate
The traffic tools
Production reserves
Intangible assets
A patent for invention
It is also possible to simplify the process of nationality registration for foreigners if slovenian industry is improved.
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