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Giving birth in Slovenia
Slovenia is one of the most favourable countries for arranging births. In Slovenia, obstetrics and gynecology hospital designed for moms to set up parents school (Š ola za star š e) and courses. You will be able to learn a lot about pregnancy and childbirth. In Slovenia, pregnancy and childbirth are covered by the mother's compulsory health insurance.
According to the current regulations of Slovenia, doctors are responsible for organizing childbirth. After an initial diagnosis, the prospective mother will be assigned a doctor. After receiving positive ultrasound results, the midwife will attend the delivery. If the midwife is absent, the attending physician and pediatrician must be present.
Choose a maternity hospital in Slovenia
In Slovenia, there are 14 maternity hospitals to choose from, and you can choose different types of delivery. In Slovenia, traditional vaginal birth is still the most common method of birth.
The Maternity Hospital of Ljubljana is one of the largest maternity hospitals in Slovenia. The Maternity hospital of Ljubljana is also one of the two diagnostic centres in the country for amniocentesis and ultrasound examination of CVS, which can identify any chromosomal defect and perform a diagnostic test - occipital scan.
The advantages of giving birth in Slovenia
Antenatal and postnatal care programmes
Classes are offered for prospective parents to guide pregnant women through physical activity and prepare them for life. After delivery, a lactation specialist will be arranged to assist mothers in breastfeeding.
Carefully check the health status of the mother and the child so that the doctor can have a comprehensive picture of the pregnancy and reduce the risk of pregnancy. During labor, monitor regular contractions and measure the baby's heart rate.
Comfortable condition
Before giving birth, you can learn about slovenian gynaecology and obstetrics hospitals, see the ward Settings, understand the clinic concept and development direction, etc. After delivery, you will enjoy a separate guest room with an extra sofa for visiting relatives and friends. You also get three square meals a day, a full bathroom, TV and Internet access.
Pregnancy check
Quality staff
All doctors and nurses hold professional licenses and certificates. Individual care services enable you to fully prepare and deliver. A new baby will be cared for by a nurse on its first day.
You will enjoy expert services throughout your pregnancy and delivery!
State support for parents of Slovenian citizens
Mother's maternity leave
The maternity leave begins 28 days before the specified time of delivery. The amount of allowance depends on the average salary for the previous 12 months
Paternity leave
Use the first 15 days of leave until the end of the child's sixth month; Until the child reaches the age of three, the rest of the leave can be used in the form of full leave. The paternity leave allowance for the first 15 days of the child's life is 100% of the father's average salary. My father will receive no welfare for the remaining 75 days, but during paternity leave, social Security will pay him the minimum wage.
Child allowance
One of the parents has the right to continue the leave to care for the child beyond the period or immediately extend the pregnancy decree to 260 days. The amount of parental compensation depends on the average salary for the previous 12 months. However, the allowance must not be more than 2.5 times the average gross salary.
Length - 105 days
Length -90 days
Length - 260 days
Child benefit
Child allowance is an additional benefit for the living, rearing and education of children. The amount paid depends on the type of household income and is calculated based on the average monthly income per family member in the previous year. To receive benefits, you must apply to the Social Welfare office with the jurisdiction of the district where the child lives.
Additional family benefits
Includes birth allowance, extended family allowance, income loss part payment.
Length - 360 days
Duration - depends on the individual
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