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Tax systems of European Union countries
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Slovenian tax
Standard: 22% Reduced: 9. 5%
Corporate income tax
Income tax
Incremental tax rates: 16%, 27%, 50%
Property tax
0,15% - 1,25% (depending on the type and value of the property)
Social Security tax
Employer pays: 16,1%, employee pays: 22,1%
Property transfer tax
Capital gains tax
0% - 25%
Gift tax
5%-39% (excluding first degree relatives and gift value of 5,000 euros)
Car tax
0,5% - 31% of the car price (depending on the ecological impact)
Tax on corporate entities
Slovenia's standard VAT rate is 19%. Under the special act, a 9.5 per cent tariff reduction was imposed on certain services and goods. Companies with an annual turnover of more than 50,000 euros can apply for VAT refund by applying to the Slovenian tax authorities and providing proof of future highly profitable transactions with their partners.
Income tax
The rate in Slovenia is 19%, payable once a year. Under certain conditions, insurers, investments and pension funds can enjoy a special tax rate of 0%. Slovenia's income tax is incremental, with a minimum of 16%. Prepare and submit the balance sheet by the end of March every year.
Capital turnover
At present, there are no mandatory requirements on the monthly or annual turnover rate of funds and the fixed amount of income in the slovenian regulations "employment of foreigners" and "foreign citizens". The enterprise shall work in full compliance with the Labour regulations of Slovenia and the conditions of operation of the enterprise and pay taxes and salaries on a regular basis.
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Rm 302, 3/F,
Zhihuigu Innovation Square,
No. 542 Min Zhi Avenue,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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